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What You Receive

Tailored Advice

We will develop a portfolio and insurance plan that is custom tailored to your goals. We will rebalance your portfolio as needed and it will be available to you through our website.

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Financial Planning

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive goals-based plan using MoneyGuidePro. It too will be updated annually and available to you through our website.

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Help When You Need It

Have a financial question? Just ask and we’ll reply with our best advice. No limitations, no extra charges. It’s all included for our advisory clients.

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How It Works

We will spend as much time with you as necessary in order to get your initial financial plan in place. This plan will touch on nearly every aspect of your financial life, including your goals and concerns, your assets and debts, your investments and insurance, and then it will serve as a roadmap to help you achieve the life you want. We will continually monitor your financial life and portfolio, addressing your every question along the way.

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What We Charge

For a comprehensive look at your finances and a written plan to help you achieve your goals, there is a one time fee of $1,250. If you would like us to manage $250,000 or more of your investable assets, we will waive the one time fee and bundle your financial planning in an all inclusive 1% annual fee, based on your account's value. Please reference your asset management services agreement for full fee disclosure details.

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Why We're Different

We are independent, and not affiliated with typical Wall Street firms. We do not have quotas to meet, nor anyone forcing us to do certain things for our clients.

We have access to hundreds of thousands of investments, so we can choose what's best for you. We do not sell proprietary products.

We are fiduciaries, meaning that our goal is to place your interests ahead of ours.

We're virtual, which helps keep our costs low. We're connected to our clients 24/7 by office phone lines, personal cell phones, social media, e-mail and video conferencing via Join.Me. If you're local, that's great too!

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Your Investments

The investments that we manage for you will be held at Pershing, LLC., a BNY Mellon company, which is the longest standing financial institution in the United States, with over $1.5 trillion in client assets.

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Pro Bono Work

Do you know of someone that may benefit from our help, but may not be in a position to afford our services? Let us know; we'd love to help.

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