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Sarasota Bradenton Financial Advisor

James, Anne​ & Gabriella

Their Concerns.


  • James and Anne had never developed a budget, and didn't know how much they could save.

  • They knew they needed life insurance, but didn't know what type or how much, in order to care for Gabriella.

  • They didn't know what they wanted their future to look like, nor what it would cost.

  • James had a retirement plan at work, but didn't think he was making the most of it.

  • Anne was still paying down her college loans.

How We Helped.


  • I helped them put a savings plan in place for the first time.

  • I helped them determine how much life insurance they needed to ensure of Gabriella's care.

  • I pointed out the lack of a will and explained it's importance, especially when you have minor children.

  • I opened Roth IRA's for both James and Anne for tax-free retirement income.

  • I helped James enroll in his 401(k) at work and helped him choose appropriate investments.

  • I opened a 529 plan to save for Gabriella's college expenses.​

The Results.

  • James and Anne now feel a sense of relief that they have a plan in place to achieve the life they desire.

Complete list of included services:

✔ On-Call Guidance Any Time You Need Me

Unlimited Phone Support

Unlimited Text Support

Unlimited E-mail Support

✔ ​Financial Dashboard & App

Management Of Your Investment Accounts

✔ Retirement Planning

✔ Credit Score Guidance

✔ College Expense Planning

✔ Life Insurance Needs Guidance

✔ Cash-Flow / Budgeting Guidance

✔ Debt Repayment Guidance

✔ Help Prioritizing Goals

If this sounds helpful, you are invited to book a complimentary meeting with me to learn more below. My promise to you is that you will not be pressured to buy anything. Just a casual conversation to discuss whatever is on your mind.


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