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Robert & Carolyn

Their Concerns.


  • Robert & Carolyn weren't sure how much their retirement would cost, or when they could afford to retire.

  • They wanted to help their children and grandchildren without jeopardizing their own future.

  • They also needed to consider the risk of needing to help Robert's aging mom.

  • When all was said and done, they also wanted to leave something to their favorite charities.

How I Helped.

  • I developed a retirement income plan that indicated a high probability of never outliving their money.

  • I began managing their retirement accounts with investments that were aligned with their values.

  • I opened a 529 plan to save, tax-free, for their grandchildren's college expenses.

  • I helped them purchase investments to help them generate sustainable income. 

The Results.


  • Robert and Carolyn now feel good about their finances being organized, also well as knowing what their money is invested in, and are comfortable knowing they have a durable retirement income plan in place.

Complete list of included services:

  • On-Call Guidance

Unlimited Phone Support

Unlimited Text Support

Unlimited E-mail Support

  • ​Financial Dashboard & App

  • Investment Management

  • Retirement Income Plan

  • Credit Score Guidance

  • 401(k) Plan Guidance

  • Cash Flow / Budgeting Guidance

  • Commission-Free Annuities

  • Tax Return Review

  • Will Review

  • Trust Review​

  • Charitable Giving Planning

  • CPA Coordination

  • Attorney Coordination

If this sounds helpful, you are invited to book a complimentary meeting with me to learn more below.


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