Investment Management

Our portfolios are designed to reduce risk and optimize potential returns.

I follow three primary tenants in designing portfolios.

1) Keep costs low.

Costs are the number one predictor of an investments return. I work diligently to use low cost index funds in my client's portfolios, which helps increase your chances for success and reduce unnecessary costs.

2) Own tax efficient investments.

My goal is to help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible by avoiding unnecessary taxes due to inefficient, turnover investments and management styles.

3) Own the right asset classes.

I seek to build portfolios with investments that are academically proven to work well together; reducing risk and increasing returns.

As a fiduciary, it's my duty to you to give you my best advice, and avoid trendy investments that could derail your financial future.

To learn about how I may be able to help you improve upon your portfolio, book some time below.

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