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The Coronavirus & Your Investments

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Do you remember the Ebola outbreak? Probably. (2018)

Do you remember the Swine Flu outbreak? Maybe. (2009)

Do you remember the SARS outbreak? Probably not. (2003)

My point is that each was on the front page of the news and rattling the investment markets at their peak. However, since everything turned out okay, they've largely faded from your memory.

The Coronavirus is either the end of humanity, or it's not.

I'm going to go with "it's not".

With that being said, we recently talked about how the U.S. stock market may be overvalued. When the market is "priced to perfection", as the saying goes, such events as the Coronavirus can really shake things up.

My advice as always is to stay the course, as this too shall pass.

I'll leave you with a chart of the U.S. stock market's performance through various epidemics of recent history, as well as two quotes.

"The Doomsday Clock has been reset many times." - Unknown.

"Every past decline looks like an opportunity, every future decline looks like a risk." - Morgan Housel

Thank you for your time.

C Garrett Moore

Moore Financial Management, Inc.

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