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The Coronavirus & Your Investments, Part Deux

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Since I last wrote about the Coronavirus, perhaps the biggest development was yesterday's note from the Center for Disease Control that serious consideration needs to be made for a potential outbreak here in America.

As a result, we saw a general "flight to safety" in the investment markets earlier this week. Traders (markedly different from true investors) moved out of stocks and into bonds as they try to anticipate the future economic affects of the Coronavirus' continued spread.

They did the same exact thing when the trade war between China and America was in the headlines.

Playing that game is a sure fire way to wind up in this cycle:

There will always be a crisis du jour.

I cannot tell you how bad the virus gets, or how much the stock markets decline as a result. But I will wager that it pans out in much the same manner as the trade war, and every other crisis we've faced (not nearly as badly as the media was saying).

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C Garrett Moore

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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