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Russia, Ukraine & Your Investments

Talking about money and investing at this time feels callous, but you also deserve my two cents.

So while this is saddening, to say the least, I want to acknowledge that it’s also downright scary as an investor.

"Every past decline looks like an opportunity, every future decline looks like a risk."

- Morgan Housel

What is happening today in the investment markets is not dissimilar to what was happening in 2020 as we worried about the coronavirus.

It is not dissimilar to what was happening in 2018 as we worried about the trade war with China.

It is not dissimilar to what was happening in 2014 as we worried about Ebola.

It is not dissimilar to what was happening on 9/11.

In no way do I intend to minimize the lives affected or lost by those events or those now unfolding in Ukraine, but I must point out that an investor taking a reasonable approach throughout all of that still came out well ahead1.

I cannot guarantee you that will be the case this time any more so than I could when the coronavirus roiled markets in 2020, but my best guess is that it will.

If you’d like to speak about this or anything else that’s on your mind as it pertains to your portfolio and financial plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out or schedule some time to talk below.

1 - The Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Returned an average of 7.07% annually from 11/13/2000 to 02/24/2022.

Moore Financial Management, Inc. is an Investment Adviser registered with the State of Florida. Our current disclosure brochure, Form ADV Part 2, is available for your review upon request. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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